Commodities and semi-processed scrap materials

What We Do

Commodities and semi-processed scrap materials

Welcome to SDG, your trusted partner in the global trade of commodities and semi-processed scrap materials. Based in Nigeria, we pride ourselves on delivering top-quality products while adhering to the highest standards of export regulations.

Commodities Trading

We specialize in the trading of a wide range of commodities, including agricultural products, minerals, and energy resources. Our extensive network and in-depth market knowledge enable us to source and supply the best products to meet our clients’ diverse needs.

Semi-Processed Scrap Materials

We also deal in the export of semi-processed scrap materials, including metals, plastics, and electronic waste. Our focus is on providing high-quality materials ready for further processing, ensuring our clients receive reliable and valuable resources.

Compliance and Quality Assurance

We understand the importance of adhering to international export regulations and maintaining the highest quality standards.

Regulatory Compliance

  •  We strictly follow all Nigerian and international export regulations, ensuring our operations are transparent, legal, and ethical.

Quality Control

  • Our products undergo rigorous quality checks and SGS inspections to meet and exceed industry standards. We work with certified laboratories and inspection agencies to guarantee the integrity and reliability of our materials.


  • We prioritize sustainable practices in our operations, promoting environmentally friendly methods and supporting the global movement towards a circular economy.

How We Work

Why Choose Us?

Thank you for considering SDG as your partner in commodities and semi-processed scrap materials trading. We look forward to working with you and contributing to your success.



With years of experience in the commodities and scrap materials industry, our team possesses the knowledge and skills to provide exceptional service and support.


Our extensive network of suppliers and buyers allows us to offer competitive pricing and reliable supply chains.


We are dedicated to building long-term relationships with our clients, providing personalized solutions to meet their specific needs.

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